We are a 2014 B Corp Best for the World recipient

bftw-2014-logo-lgI am proud to announce that our sister company was recently named a “2014 B Corp Best for the World” recipient.

We are being recognized by the nonprofit B Lab (an independent certifier for B Corps around the world) for creating the most positive, overall social and environmental impact.

Our company ranked in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations on their Impact Assessment, a comprehensive assessment of a company’s impact on its employees, community, and the environment.

We are in great company alongside 92 honorees from 15 countries.

Thank you to all our employees, partners and clients for helping us succeed in walking our talk.

photo-thumbnail-danDan Doyle is the President and Creative Director at Mal Warwick | Donordigital, the online fundraising, marketing, and advertising company.

Integrated Fundraising: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

secret-shopper-cover-largeWe’re thrilled to announce the publication of our newest white paper: Integrated Fundraising: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

At Mal Warwick | Donordigital, we implement direct response programs that focus on integrated donor solicitation, cultivation and stewardship across multiple channels.

In an effort to learn more about what others are doing, we studied sixteen major nonprofit organizations to give us a snapshot of what some of today’s leading charities are doing.

For six months in 2013, we tracked all interactions with these organizations through direct mail, online and telephone. Our goal was to observe how some of America’s most notable charities are integrating their donor communications across multiple channels.

Most organizations we studied did integrate new online donors into other channels—most notably direct mail. Although we received contacts through multiple channels, the communications rarely appeared to be integrated. And for some organizations, the cross-channel conversion efforts took shockingly long.

Download the white paper >>

2013 Marketing Awards for eXcellence & Innovation

Wednesday night (July 31, 2013) at the annual Direct Marketing Association of Washington conference, Mal Warwick | Donordigital and our clients were recognized for our marketing and fundraising excellence.  Together we walked away with a five awards.  We won awards in the acquisition, renewal, special appeal, and telephone fundraising categories!

We are honored to share these awards with the Human Rights Campaign, PETA, Ocean Conservancy, Brady Campaign, and Project Bread.  For these current and past clients we received the following honors:

Human Rights Campaign – Nonprofit Renewal – HRC Renewal Zero – Silver
PETA – Nonprofit Acquisition – PETA Postcard Acquisition – Silver
Ocean Conservancy – Nonprofit Special Appeal – Guardians Year End – Bronze
Brady Campaign – Nonprofit Appeal TM – TM Conversion Campaign – Silver
Project Bread –  Nonprofit Special Appeal – Thanksgiving Appeal – Bronze

Established in 1979, the MAXI (Marketing Award for eXcellence & Innovation) Awards program recognizes and honors outstanding achievements in the field of direct marketing. The criteria for MAXIs illustrate the difference between a MAXI and other contests in that a campaign’s results will carry more weight than any of the other scored criteria. All entries are judged on the following six criteria: results, strategy, copy, design/format, production, and innovation.

Congratulations to everyone for this well deserved recognition and great results!

Dan Doyle is the President and CEO of Mal Warwick | Donordigital

The power of storytelling is in all of us

Our team at Donordigital is buzzing about this wonderful video and discussion guide on storytelling published by Lean In, a global community committed to offering women the encouragement and support for their ambitions.

Storytelling seems to be going through a resurgence these days and it’s well deserved. Storytelling is as old as direct response fundraising itself. At its core, storytelling is about putting a human face and an emotional narrative behind an issue, so that numbers and programmatic activities can come to life with drama and personality.

The specific story in this video is about the very important issue of bone marrow transplants in Asia, and the narrator Jennifer Aaker, Professor of Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, does a wonderful job describing how storytelling played a critical role in harnessing human energy to solve a real medical challenge.  As you keep watching, Dr. Aaker shares some instructive insights into the art, science and power of storytelling.

We learned a long time ago in the direct response business that a personal story that tells an organization’s story is often the best way to persuade supporters to join a cause and to become a donor.  That’s one of the reasons why those direct mail letters are so long — because we’re so busy trying to weave a tale that will pull in the reader.

In the online world, we also use storytelling to get supporters and donors excited about a cause.  Sometimes that takes the form of a multi-part email campaign that stretches over several weeks or months to bring the reader along in the experience of solving real world problems.  We also like to use photographs, videos, interactive maps, special website landing pages, and infographics to draw in the viewer more deeply into the content.  And as always we’re thinking — how can we engage our supporters in an authentic and powerful manner to understand this issue more deeply and personally?

So, watch this video and download the discussion guide, and learn to tell stories that advocate your ideas and bring others along with you.

Dan Doyle is the President and CEO of Mal Warwick | Donordigital