National Parkinson Foundation celebrates 10,000th Facebook fan

Donordigital joins in celebrating with its client National Parkinson Foundation in reaching its 10,000th Facebook fan.

Donordigital worked with National Parkinson Foundation to run a Facebook Ad campaign with the goal of recruiting 10,000 new Facebook fans. Each new fan helps NPF give away an Aware in Care kit to people living with Parkinson’s. The kit features tools and information to share with hospital staff during a planned or emergency hospital stay.

Through a combination of organic and paid efforts on Facebook, National Parkinson Foundation reached a social media milestone – 10,000 Facebook supporters! To optimize the paid efforts, Donordigital tested ad creative and audiences to identify the strongest messages and most receptive audiences.

NPF is passionate about expanding their work on social media, and this celebratory picture proves it. Kudos to NPF for sharing this celebration picture with their 12,278 (and counting) Facebook fans. To support NPF’s great work and help them give away an Aware in Care kit, click here.

The New Facebook “Share” Tool

Facebook iconWith little fanfare, Facebook recently rolled out an exciting update to one of its oldest and most used tools — the “Share” button. This update comes on the heels of several other updates and additions to Facebook’s social plugins offerings, like the new “Send” button.

What you need to know about the updated Share tool:

  • Compared to the old Share tool, the new version has four times as many options for where to post the shared content.
  • Users may now share: On their own wall, On a friend’s Wall, In a group, or In a Private Message.
  • The new options make the tool more versatile and provide options ranging from completely public (“On your own Wall”) to partially public (“In a group”) to very private (“In a private message”). The plurality of these options will appeal to a wider range of supporters who hold diverse privacy preference.


New Facebook Share Tool

The new Facebook "Share" tool has more three more options for where to share the content

Why not check it out yourself? Share this article on Facebook — and enjoy the ability to Share as publicly or privately as you want.

Matt Fender is an Online Organizer / Account Executive at Donordigital, the online fundraising, marketing, and advertising company. Contact: or phone (510) 473-0369.