National Organization for Women targets women’s rights offenders

Who do you think is the #1 women’s rights offender? Right wing extremists are trying to downplay the “War on Women” with rhetoric but continue to push anti-women legislation at the state level. In anticipation of the GOP’s aggressive efforts to criminalize abortion in states like North Dakota and Virginia, Donordigital is helping National Organization for Women raise funds to defend women’s rights.

We’ve launched the “We’re Not Fooled” Campaign that highlights the ongoing, convert attacks on reproductive rights across the country. And we’re just about to deploy an interactive microsite that features a gallery of sharable “Women’s Rights Offenders” images and opportunities to take action on the recent issues. The shareable “baseball cards” feature politicians, states pushing forward anti-reproductive rights initiatives, and fun memes.

Learn more about NOW.


Childhood hunger is a hidden epidemic in America that we can no longer ignore.  Our client Share Our Strength is raising awareness of hunger by bringing it into the forefront of the 2012 presidential election.

Recently, Donordigital worked with Share Our Strength to coordinate an action for their Hunger Knows No Party campaign to encourage the candidates to turn their attention to childhood hunger in the U.S.

We launched a message to Share Our Strength’s email list on the same day as the last presidential debate on October 26 and asked list members to Tweet a question about childhood hunger to Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

The landing page featured three pre-populated questions and an option to enter their own question. Upon clicking submit, visitors were able to send a tweet to Mitt Romney or Barack Obama with hashtags #nokidhungry and #election2012 that were hard-coded so that they would be automatically added to their tweet and to also help us track our reach. The link included in the tweet led to an email opt-in landing page for those who learned about the campaign on Twitter and weren’t already on Share our Strength’s email list.

Within the first 24 hours, tweets generated nearly 1.1M impressions and reached an audience of 252,454 followers!

If you’d like to help Share Our Strength raise awareness about childhood hunger too, it’s not too late to ask Mitt or Barack a question.