Excitement around donations by text message fades

I was intrigued by this story in The New York Times Bits Blog that reports on research recently conducted on donors who used text messages to send gifts to charities after the Haiti earthquake.

The finding of the study is that even though there was a surge in mobile giving for Haiti earthquake relief, that surge did not translate into either ongoing growth in mobile giving or into further giving through other channels.

This is a very important finding, and it confirms a belief that we have long suspected at Donordigital, which is that mobile giving is not a reliable ongoing fundraising source, and it potentially weakens other fundraising opportunities when it is not deployed in a manner that includes strong ongoing cultivation activities.

“The quixotic nature of text giving was further highlighted by the survey’s finding that 60 percent of the donors interviewed said they had paid little or no attention to the continuing recovery efforts in Haiti after making their contributions,” writes Stephanie Strom.

This highlights the need for strong and creative efforts to keep mobile donors informed about Haiti relief efforts, either through the mobile medium itself, or through email updates. The issue of converting mobile donors into email subscribers is a challenge in and of itself that requires experimentation and savvy to achieve.

The study also highlights that over 80 percent of those surveyed said they had not donated to Haiti in any other way and only one-third of them had made more than one contribution using their phones.

This highlights a growing concern among fundraising professionals that mobile giving may be reducing overall charitable giving. Average gifts via email and Web are usually north of $60. Average mobile giving is $10.

Clearly the challenge ahead is how to move mobile donors to become multi-channel donors. This is not an easy challenge to address. It starts with getting mobile donors to share their email and social media information, so that NGOs can conduct ongoing cultivation and ongoing fundraising that is not constricted by the mobile channel.

Read the full article Excitement Around Donations by Text Message Fades at The New York Times.

Michael Stein is a Senior Account Executive at Donordigital, the online fundraising, marketing, and advertising company. Contact: michael@donordigital.com or phone (510) 473-0364.

3 Responses to Excitement around donations by text message fades

  1. “Quixotic nature of mobile”

    Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical: “a vast and quixotic project”.

    One of the first bit or research from the Haiti text success was that over 90% of these donors had never given to charity before.

    It was that “idealistic & impractical” technology that led themto give in the first place, these were not people who would have given $60 had they seen an on-line CTA first.

    This is nothing more than a reg flag that as yet,the vast bulk of those org’s using text donations have not thought long & hard about how best to delight those who support their work via text.

    “which is that mobile giving is not a reliable ongoing fundraising source,”

    Yep,they said the same about the internet too.

    Don’t blame the message technology, blame the messenger!

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