Mal Warwick’s How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals, Third Edition coming soon

There’s a completely revised Third Edition of Mal Warwick’s best-selling book How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals coming soon from publisher Wiley. Every fundraiser who deals with individual donors needs a copy of this essential book.

How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals is in use as a textbook in college and graduate courses in fundraising and is used as a training tool in many nonprofit organizations and fundraising agencies. This Third Edition is completed revised and updated to equip you with the tools you need to flourish today in the 21st-century fundraising environment. Mal has even the book a newer title to reflect the new integrated fundraising reality.

Wiley is offering an exclusive 30%-off pre-publication discount if you order by June 17, using promotion code “WARW3” at checkout.

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