Optimizing Facebook display advertising results through audience testing

With social media a growing component of major nonprofit campaigns, organizations need to be prepared to jumpstart the conversation online and drive engagement for their cause.  This Case Study of our work with the National Parkinson Foundation showcases how we spoke to those they most wanted to engage by targeting the right Facebook groups with the right message, while maximizing a limited budget.  This hands-on Case Study examines how nonprofits can use Facebook Advertising to drive potential supporters to you, giving them opportunities to engage in your mission.

About the Client: For over half a century, the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) has focused on meeting the needs in the care and treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). NPF has funded more than $172 million in care, research and support services. Unique among other Parkinson’s organizations, NPF has a singular focus — their mission is to improve the quality of care through research, education and outreach.

About the Campaign: The Aware in Care: 10,000 Kits for 10,000 likes Facebook campaign was part of the larger Aware in Care program launch. Aware in Care is an amazing NPF program that aims to help people with Parkinson’s disease get the best care possible during a hospital stay. The Aware in Care kit contains tools and information to protect, prepare and empower people with Parkinson’s before, during and after a hospital visit. The 10,000 Kits for 10,000 likes Facebook campaign gave users a chance to have a free kit delivered to a patient in need just by liking NPF. And by driving Facebook likes, NPF also drove larger awareness of the campaign, which allowed those who needed a kit for themselves or a family member to also order online.

About the Results: By finding the best responding audience, NPF drove engagement with a 92% conversion rate, while optimizing budget by lowering the cost per like by up to 30%, giving them almost 30% more voice to start the conversation with!

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