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Build your email list

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We create online advocacy petitions to build opt-in lists of new supporters and prospective donors.

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We work with email list brokers to append email addresses onto clients' direct mail files so that we can communicate in several channels – and invite mail donors to give online too.

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We work with innovative marketing partners such as e-Miles that invite people to get frequent flyer miles when they donate to organizations they support.

Growing an organization’s email list of prospects, activists, and donors is key to online success. We develop integrated strategies to grow email lists, create advocacy petitions, arrange list swaps with simpatico organizations, run paid list acquisition campaigns, and append direct mail and event lists.

While Facebook and Twitter have displaced email for some uses, email remains the most effective single driver for online fundraising, enabling you to reach out to supporters cheaply and quickly and offer them opportunities to donate or demonstrate their support through advocacy, events, leadership conference calls, MeetUps, telling their friends, and much more.

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