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Deliver integrated fundraising

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Homepage takeover inviting website visitors to join a monthly medical aid disaster giving program.

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We create email appeals that match the copy and design of direct mail to reinforce the message online and encourage donors to give again, in the mail or online.

We know how to integrate direct mail, telemarketing, DRTV, face to face, and online fundraising to maximize donor response. Because Donordigital’s partner company is a direct mail firm, Mal Warwick Associates, we walk the talk every day for our clients and bring industry-leading strategies that yield results.

While some donors prefer online and some prefer mail, we work to let donors choose their channels, knowing that even if they never give online, emails can help persuade them to send in their checks or respond on the phone. Our work over the last fours year in facilitating the Target Analytics Internet Benchmarketing Program has given us insight into the ways donors choose which channels to respond in, and which techniques can help maximize donor value across channels.

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