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Search marketing and other advertising to enhance campaigns

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Year-end keywords — donated via Google Grant and paid on Yahoo! and Bing — raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Habitat for Humanity International

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We build special website landing pages that can be used to direct traffic from search engine advertising campaigns, that have personalized content to match search keywords.

Our advertising team supports many of our client projects, helping to drive website traffic, publicize online appeals, and acquire email names. We work with a wide variety of ad platforms including search — Google AdWords, Google Content Network, Yahoo!, Bing — as well as Change.org, Care2, Alternet, Mother Jones, Atlantic Monthly, and Pontiflex.

While banner advertising seldom pays for nonprofits, search and some chaperoned emails programs can be very successful. Many of our clients have Google Grants which provide up to $40,000 a month in free AdWords advertising that can drive hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donations at year-end and during emergencies. Our SEM team is expert at making keyword advertising pay off for NGOs, as well as helping clients optimize their Websites for search.

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