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About the Share Code Generator

Create social sharing links to include in emails and on web pages. We’ll give you the code you need for pre-populated links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as email sharing. Just enter information about the page you want to promote, and we’ll do the rest!

About Donordigital

Donordigital helps nonprofit organizations, campaigns, and socially responsible businesses use the Internet for fundraising, advocacy, advertising, and marketing. We provide strategy and implementation to enable organizations to use e-mail, the Web, Facebook, mobile, and other communications to build their constituencies and change the world.

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Facebook image location

Specify the image URL to be shared on Facebook.

Best if square or landscape, with width 200px up to 600px

Facebook post title

Enter the title to appear in a Facebook post.

100 character limit.


Facebook URL to share

Enter the URL to share in a Facebook post.

Facebook post content

300 character limit.



Twitter status message

140 character limit.



Pinterest pin

Enter the donation, action, or other landing page you want to direct to.

Enter your image URL.

Enter your image description.

500 character limit.




Enter your subject line.

Enter your body text.